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Based on 127 reviews
healthy granola

Delicious and low in sugar.

Simply the best!

These have become part of my daily diet — delicious & nutritious!

5 oz Rye + Everything
Rochelle Picetti

Really enjoyed the crisps in the various I purchased. Family agreed also. We all found them to be very tasty.

Cardamom + Cinnamon
Rochelle Picetti

What a delightful bite. These crackers are delicious and go with many spreads.


Really tasteful crackers. I served them to family members and they received rave reviews.

Fave Crackers

I absolutely LOVE these!! They are delicious, super clean and my entire family can't get enough.

3 oz Multi-Seeds + Oregano
William G Moller
Just yummy good

Love the crunch consistency. Wish Mom's Organic Grocery still carried them.

5 oz Rye + Everything
Katherine Chou
Love this crisp!

Balanced and so very tasty - normally dislike crackers, this is a treat!

3 Flavor Sample Pack
Nancy Thorpe
Delicious Flatbread, even in pieces

The flatbread is delicious. However, shipping across the country took its toll on the product. Even though the packages were securely padded and the box exterior was marked "Fragile" and "Handle with Care", the contents were mostly broken. How sad!

Cardamom + Cinnamon
Jean Bullard

Best granola I’ve ever had.

Tasty Crackers with Attitude!!

These Fennel + Onion Crackers are super tasty!! The flavor is awesome. They taste great with the Little Baby Bel Lite Cheese. I will order these again. A great snack without sugar.

Love these crackers

They are delicious, and the ingredients are super clean!

Cardamom + Cinnamon
Katya Hancock

My whole family loves this granola. It's a must have! So delicious. Also amazing that it's nut-free, which is hard to find (I have an allergy), and not to high in sugar. Go Tina and team!

Cardamom + Cinnamon
Kenneth Montero
Just Right

My wife LOVES it. Tasty with just enough crunch (not too much). No raisins & not sweet, so it mixes well with yogurt to give it a balanced taste. With yogurt, makes a good pre-exercise food, as it doesn't become a lump in the stomach.


Pairs perfectly with cheeses and tin fishes also great on their own

5 oz Rye + Everything
Kenneth Montero
Another winner

Nice addition for variety. A bit tangy. Works well as a stand-alone snack or with cheese.

A Perfect Pair
Ivana K.
Tasty snack

I’ve tasted most of the flavors offered and I really love all of them! A perfect, healthy, afternoon snack!
Our friends have also found them to be outstanding when I served them recently with some cheese, they quickly made them disappear :)
Thank you!

Olive Tapenade

I love olive tapenade and it’s so nice when I don’t have to make it myself and tastes as good as homemade.

5 oz Rye + Sea Salt
Tasty but expensive

The Rye + Sea Salt are really good but at the asking price plus shipping cost, we will limit our purchases.

5 oz Rye + Sea Salt
Anna Campbell

Very crisp crackers that is very healthy. Can top it with lots of fruits and vegetables. Also a nice dipper for almond butter and others. Give these crackers a try. I love the rye+sea salt.

5 oz Fennel + Onion
Margaret Kessler

These are by far the best crackers I have had that are both gluten free and healthy. The flavoring is subtle and makes it hard to stop at one. They do a break a bit easily, but a small price to pay for such spectacular taste and ingredients.

Yum Yum

Probably some of the tastiest crackers I’ve ever had. I cannot have gluten free, and finding a tasty and less processed cracker is tough. Hungry Bird Eats makes the best crackers – any of the flavors are a hit.

Classic Snack Boxes
Rhonda Stange
A Tasty Bite For Health

I love the crackers from the company. So tasty on their own but a new level of taste when paired with cheese. Will be ordering again for sure!

3 oz Rye + Sea Salt
Rhonda Stange
Great taste

Found these online and was interested to try them. Love all the types I ordered and will order more for the future.

Those oregano crisps 🔥

They are so tasty!!