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A perfect and healthy snack

Love it !


Love the Balsamic Fresh Fig. It’s great with cheese, on yogurt and on Pork Cops. It’s just the best

Love Birds

Love Hungry Birds especially the Rye & Sea salt.

Variety Pack
Alexander J.
The Most Delicious Bites

I keep re-ordering and eating! Thank you for such a fantastic product.

A tasty treat.

I enjoy nibbling on this granola plain in a tiny bowl with a tiny spoon. It is fun to eat. Thank you Tina.

My new favorite.

I now love the Multi - Seed Crisps the best. I eat them every day with various spreads I create.
There is no garlic, or onion, or corn. All the ingredients I can eat and enjoy. I am so grateful to have these yummy Nordic crisp crackers in my life.
Thank you so very much to Tina.


These are my favorite, I like all your products but these stand out with flavor, also like the granola over homemade yogurt and apricots!,just great, keep up the good work!

5 oz Rye + Sea Salt
Alexander J.
The Very Best!

I’m losing count of how many orders I’ve made. The crackers arrived perfectly and safely shipped. They have all been eaten! Time to order more….

Quinoa Crunch
Alexander J.
Can’t Get Enough of these Crackers!

The title says it all. Love, love these delicious crackers. I am a repeat customer and will continue to be!

Absolutely delicious

Flavorful, super crunchy, and delicious. Amazing as a side with soup!

Awesome 👏

As always a satisfaction to have this amazing snack.

Yum Yum!

Tina, I am eating the crackers right now! How amazing! I just cut the box apart to keep the black bird artwork, and the ingredient list, and the sweet Danish traditional information. This is very cool. We have a wonderfully magical connection here. I will be reordering the flatbread soon. Thank you for sharing your beauty with the world.

Love them!

5 oz Rye + Everything
Phyllis Forman
Best ever

These are my absolute favorite crackers ever

5 oz Rye + Sea Salt
Margaret Cheesman

Delicious crackers!

Healthy and yummy

My favorite midnight snack :)

Wildly delicious and NO food reaction!

My husband has the most frustrating and limited diet, and he gets the munchies periodically. He had no negative effects from his first pkg of this particular cracker, which means that if we carefully distribute these delicious and tender crunchies over time, we may be able to expand his range. (He offered me one of these and I was truly delighted!)

Delicious and Healthy

The satisfaction is 💯 😊

5 oz Rye + Sea Salt
Dorothy Devlin
My favorite crackers




The work of a perfectionist

When I discovered these at a local Whole Foods, I was immediately drawn to their quality and the story that inspired their creation. Outstanding purity, and when you eat them, you feel as though you are doing yourself a great favor. When the Whole Foods in question stopped stocking them, I began to buy them online. They arrive in perfect condition, and I am always charmed by the little gift that is included. Tina's attention to detail is exceptional. I would give more stars if I could. Thank you, Tina and team !

Not bad, not great...

Love these crackers!

Delicious, healthy snacks--great with cheese, dips, fruit or by themselves!

These Are the Best

Ok, so now, in addition to chocolate, I have another addiction --- Hungry Bird Nordic oregano and fennel seed crackers. My gluten-free daughter brought me a box and it was like finding a snack of gold. I've bought six boxes over two months and enjoyed every bite. Love the story and the mission as well.

5 oz Sumac + Thyme
daniel m dunn
We bought one of everything

We originally found some of these products at Mom's grocery store. Ours didn't have them last time we checked. We love all of them and we plan on using the direct method to keep purchasing them so we don't run out. When was the last time you could have a healthy snack that tastes good?