Danish Knækbrød (Nordic Crisps)

Knækbrød is a hard type of dry bread/cracker which is traditionally enjoyed for breakfast, lunch or as a snack.

Hungry Bird Eats are a healthy, real-food alternative for kids and the adults that chase them around. These crisps come bite-sized and are packaged in a re-sealable to-go sized pouch to be a perfect fit for anyone who is active or just plain hungry.

​Both lines of baked crisps have a light and crispy texture, and are packed with 5 different super seeds, creating a deep nutty flavor of toasted seeds that makes them addictingly good.

​Tasty superfood with no preservative or sugars added


Sooo Good

I am addicted to these little crackers. It's the perfect snack and they are so tasty. I wish all stores sold them!!! These are my favorite go to with cheese or by itself. Absolutely delicious.



These crackers are THE BEST and our family's favorite! Unlike many "healthy" crackers these actually taste amazing and have a great texture and moisture balance. Between me, my 20 month old daughter and my husband, these crisps DO NOT LAST in our house. We're going to buy bulk whenever it becomes an option. :)


Perfect Snack

I found your crisps at a Brooklyn market and knew my kids would go nuts for these - and I was right! Organic, great ingredients, tasty, what more can I ask for?

Shana G