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These Are the Best

Ok, so now, in addition to chocolate, I have another addiction --- Hungry Bird Nordic oregano and fennel seed crackers. My gluten-free daughter brought me a box and it was like finding a snack of gold. I've bought six boxes over two months and enjoyed every bite. Love the story and the mission as well.

5 oz Sumac + Thyme
daniel m dunn
We bought one of everything

We originally found some of these products at Mom's grocery store. Ours didn't have them last time we checked. We love all of them and we plan on using the direct method to keep purchasing them so we don't run out. When was the last time you could have a healthy snack that tastes good?


Bursting with flavor

3 oz Rye + Sea Salt
Tracee Reiser


A joyful songs

“Three Little Birds…” yes indeed along with the I dear I g origin story of Hungry Bird Eats and that nod to generation longevity,you like do and decide for better future design stuff, this product brand is great quality ingredients, and taste the savory essence and of being real satisfies kinda sings good. Even joyful so gs of goodness

Since 1st getting them in a Jasper Hills monthly Cheese Club we always keep them in our pantry!

See title...


Good flavor combo!

Broken Bits

I was so looking forward to our order of crackers arriving only to my disappointment that the bags (but not the boxes) of crackers were just crumbled bits. These crackers are OUTSTANDING for charcuterie and I highly recommend all of their products. I wish the order arrived in better condition (despite the packaging materials). 5 stars for quality of flavor and ingredients (no preservatives!!!) but 2/5 for quality o delivery.


Love all the Hungry Bird Eats products, highly recommend!


I have given it as a Christmas gift for over 2 years. All the recipients LOVED IT!

It's a winner as a gift

I have given this tapenade as a Christmas gift for over 2 years. The gift recipients LOVE IT! Lots of compliments.

Delicious true fruit flavor.

3 Flavor Sample Pack
Tracee Reiser

3 Flavor Sample Pack

Fantastic Crackers

Hungry Bird crackers are a staple in my household, we try to never run out! The ingredients are wholesome and thoughtful.

5 oz Rye + Sea Salt
Martha Tessler
These crackers are addictive - they are so good!

I find the crackers filling and frequently eat them as my lunch! I love all the healthy grains and the light touch of salt at the end. The rye flour is familiar to me and this is all around my favorite flavor so far! I highly recommend hungry bird eats crackers they are way better than anything else out there!

excellent granola

This granola is delicious!!

healthy granola

Delicious and low in sugar.

Simply the best!

These have become part of my daily diet — delicious & nutritious!

5 oz Rye + Everything
Rochelle Picetti

Really enjoyed the crisps in the various I purchased. Family agreed also. We all found them to be very tasty.

Cardamom + Cinnamon
Rochelle Picetti

What a delightful bite. These crackers are delicious and go with many spreads.


Really tasteful crackers. I served them to family members and they received rave reviews.

Fave Crackers

I absolutely LOVE these!! They are delicious, super clean and my entire family can't get enough.

3 oz Multi-Seeds + Oregano
William G Moller
Just yummy good

Love the crunch consistency. Wish Mom's Organic Grocery still carried them.

5 oz Rye + Everything
Katherine Chou
Love this crisp!

Balanced and so very tasty - normally dislike crackers, this is a treat!

3 Flavor Sample Pack
Nancy Thorpe
Delicious Flatbread, even in pieces

The flatbread is delicious. However, shipping across the country took its toll on the product. Even though the packages were securely padded and the box exterior was marked "Fragile" and "Handle with Care", the contents were mostly broken. How sad!