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Interview with Brooklyn Makers

Healthy snacking with Hungry Bird Eats

The first time you bite into one of Hungry Bird’s crisps, you’re surprised by how good they are. Good as in incredibly delicious, packing more flavor than a Triscuit could ever dream of (and I love my Triscuits). And good as in they’re chock full of nutritious seeds, made with olive oil, and seasoned with just the right amount of sea salt. You’ll reach in for more and before you know it, your kids will detect the presence of something delicious in snack form and raid the bag. Or at least that’s what happened to me.

Tina Diep started Hungry Bird Eats on a mission to create healthy, nutritious snacks. An added perk for many is that they’re nut and soy free, gluten-free or low in gluten depending on the variety. These common food allergens (especially common among kids) often leave people with bland alternatives, or snacks that are essentially empty carbs. Whether these allergens affect you or not, you’ll love these on their own or dressed up for a party with cream cheese & lox.

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