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Interview with myPanier

What does the Hungry Bird Eats?

Moms would know that it’s hard to find a snack that is nutritious, filling, and free of common allergens. Just ask Tina Diep, founder of Hungry Bird Eats, who finally stopped rummaging through the grocery stores in Brooklyn, New York and made her own super seed crackers to feed her #1 hungry bird, her 2 year-old son Ike.

What is the story behind Hungry Bird Eats?

It all started when I found out Ike was allergic to nuts and soy. It was a challenge finding a snack he could eat – everything was either super processed or filled with preservatives. I couldn’t even give him the bread I bought from the supermarkets! I decided to make Nordic Crisps so he had something to munch on between meals and thought my fellow moms would appreciate having these in their pantry too.

How did you come up with your company name?

When baby birds are hungry, they like to gather around the mother bird for food. The hungry bird reminds of me of son and other little kids. Birds also eat seeds and the main ingredients in my crackers are seeds, which is how “Hungry Bird Eats” came about!