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Icelandic skyr & fresh nectarines

Breakfast Bowl

We thought you could use some inspiration for how to enjoy our crisps, especially the bits and pieces that are left in the bottom of the bag.

For breakfast we recommend a bowl of skyr.

Have you tried Icelandic skyr? Skyr is very similar to yogurt and has been a staple food in Iceland for nearly a thousand year. If you haven’t you should give it a try! Scandinavians love this particular thicker and creamier cousin to yogurt for their breakfast or even as an addition to their desserts. Skyr boasts more vitamins, minerals, and protein, and less sugar, carbs, and calories, than most yogurt. Eating skyr has been shown to curb appetite to help prevent weight gain and obesity, and is packed with the calcium that helps preserve bone density as we age.

 We suggest that you try this power bowl of skyr with fresh nectarines or peaches, which are in season, a touch of peach marmalade along with crumbled Nordic Crisps and a sprinkle of sunflower seeds and chia seeds. Enjoy!