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Falling in Love with Za'atar: A Personal Culinary Affair


I'm bubbling over with excitement to spill the beans about something that's turned my kitchen adventures into pure magic – Burlap and Barrel's Za'atar. It's not just a spice blend; it's like a kitchen companion that's taken my everyday dishes to a whole new level.

What makes Burlap and Barrel special? It's more than just the spice; it's about the people and places that bring it to life. These folks are all about keeping it real – single-source origins, getting to know the hands behind the scenes. And let me tell you, it makes a difference.

Let's talk about their cured sumac – a silent hero in our Sumac + Thyme Nordic Crisps. I'm a bit obsessed with this spice, and if you didn't know this already sumac is one of the ingredients in Za'atar. This Za'atar  is grown and blended in the heart of Palestine, and has been stealing the show for centuries.

Now, "za'atar" wears two hats – not just the herb itself (picture oregano's cooler cousin) but also this ridiculously tasty mix of ground herb, sesame, sumac, and salt. It's like a flavor party in a jar, and you're all invited.

The best part of Za'atar is that it doesn't play by the rules. It's a versatile rebel. Sprinkle it on meats and veggies, mix it with olive oil for dipping adventures, or throw it into your salad, hummus, yogurt, or even on popcorn. It's a rule-breaker and a game-changer.

I'm all about those mix-and-match morning plates, and Za'atar is my secret weapon. Try a Nordic crisp with creamy avocado, a juicy tomato slice, and a generous sprinkle of Za'atar. It's a flavor explosion – crunchy, creamy, and downright addictive. I could eat this anytime a day.