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Hygge Box

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Our Hygge Box contains:

  • 5 oz Rye + Sea Salt and 5 oz Multi-Seeds + Oregano Nordic Crisps (1 box of each) 
  • 2.5 oz Savory Orange Marmalade and 2.5 oz Olive Tapenade by Spread-mmms (1 jar of each)
  • Tube of Florida Chai Tea from Yaupon Brothers (16 sachets)
  • Peru Bronx Craft Chocolate Bar, 70% Cacao by Sol Cacao (1 bar)

We are all about supporting each other in our food endeavors, so we called up some friends (also incredible makers) for our Holiday Hygge Box.

The holidays are all about hygge and spending time with your loved ones. Spreading some hygge around you is the way to go. To help out, we put together a little something for you to munch and sip on.  Or better yet, send a Winter Hygge Box to a faraway friend and enjoy the goodies together via zoom or a good old fashioned phone call.  

We suggest that you enjoy the Rye + Sea Salt Nordic Crisps and tapenade with a glass of wine. Take it a notch up by pairing it with a good chèvre goat cheese. 

For an extra hyggelig afternoon treat, brew a cup of Florida Chai Tea and sit down with Multi-Seeds + Oregano Nordic Crisps, a light spread of Savory Orange Marmalade, and a few pieces of chocolate. 


More about the makers of each product

Rebecca is the maker behind Spread-mmms, and we have been fans for a long time. Her tapenade and orange marmalade are different from anything that we have ever tasted. Both products will give you a full explosion of flavors. The only way to really understand her products is to taste them.

Yaupon Brothers American Tea Co., is run by Byron, Kyle, and Mark (two brothers and their mentor). We think that everything they stand for, from being fair-trade to sustainably conscious, is impressive.  How can you not love them already? 

Sol Cacao is a bean to bar Chocolate Company created by Dominic, Nicholas, and Daniel -- three brothers from the Caribbean Islands of Trinidad and Tobago. They pride themselves on both the quality of their chocolate, as well as the environmental and social responsibilities woven into their company. This includes sustainable organic farming practices, environmental preservation, and ethical sourcing of raw materials.



Rye + Sea Salt Nordic Crisps has a deep taste of rye and toasted seeds and just the perfect amount of sea salt. Multi-Seeds + Oregano is made with brown rice flour and buckwheat flour making this version gluten-free with a hint of oregano.

Orange Marmalade (2.8oz): This is a savory orange marmalade with olives, garlic, and thyme.  Also known as Mischievous Marmalade (she has a little kick).

Olive Tapenade (2.5oz): A Beldi olive tapenade with garlic and rosemary.  Deeply savory and fish free!

Floriada Chai (16 sachets): Blended with organic cinnamon, clove, ginger, cardamom, and peppercorn, this is an energizing blend full of rich flavors. 

Peru Bronx Craft Chocolate Bar (1.86oz): 70% Cacao from Oro Verde Peru (Single Origin). Carries notes of honeydew, toffee, and hints of fruits.


Customer Reviews

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Special snack experience

The Holiday box was awesome! The quality of each item really come through and combined to create snacks that just felt special.

Kenneth Montero
An Ideal Gift

Holiday is a great product! It has been a hit with all of its recipients who got it as Christmas presents.

Ken Montero