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Hygge Box

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Our Love Shack Hygge Box contains:

  • Pumpkin Seed & Cranberry Chocolate by Morito Chocolates, 1 Box (1.5oz)
  • Savory Orange Marmalade by Spread-mmms, 1 Jar (2.5oz)
  • Salty Classic Caramels by Jacobsen Salt Co., 1 Bag (10 pieces)
  • Fennel + Onion Nordic Crisps by Hungry Bird Eats, 1 Box (5oz.)
  • Multi-Seeds + Oregano Nordic Crisps by Hungry Bird Eats, 1 Box (5oz) 

Our Love Shack Hygge Box is all about treating your very special person. Spreading some love with warm + fantastic flavors is the way to go.

The Love Shack Hygge Box makes for a great date; it’s good for afternoon indulgence or evening snuggles.  To celebrate this special occasion, we suggest that you pop a bottle of wine + cozy up under a blanket, while snacking on cheese paired with Nordic Crisps + Savory Orange Marmalade.  End the evening on a sweet note, cuddled up + enjoying the chocolates and caramels.

Now that’s what hygge is all about!



Morito Chocolate, Pumpkin Seeds + Cranberry Chocolate: A combination of pumpkin seed butter + roasted cacao created an unusual chocolate stick, topped with tart and sweet dried cranberries for a perfect combination. 100% dark chocolate

Spread-mmms, Orange Marmalade: This is a savory orange marmalade with olives, garlic, and thyme. Also known as Mischievous Marmalade (she has a little kick).

Jacobsen Salt Co, Classic Salty Caramels: Creamy, perfectly golden brown + chewy; with a flash of pure sea salt to spark a bright + briny kind of joy.

Hungry Bird Eats, Fennel + Onion Nordic Crisps: Made with gluten-free ingredients, just the right touch of fennel + a savory twist from the onion + garlic. Multi-Seeds + Oregano Nordic Crisps: Made with brown rice + buckwheat flour, keeping these crisps gluten-free + gently herbal with a subtle oregano flavor.


Priscilla is the founder of Morito Chocolate.  Her chocolate is inspired by the beauty of her home country, the Dominican Republic.  She brings her carefully hand crafted, small batch chocolates to you, ensuring the highest quality + keeping them vegan, organic, gluten-free + made without preservatives.

Rebecca is the maker behind Spread-mmms, and we have been fans for a long time.  Her savory orange marmalade is different from anything that we have ever tasted + pairs exceptional well with our Multi-Seeds + Oregano Nordic Crisps.

Jacobsen Salt Co is known to be the first company to harvest salt in the Pacific Northwest since the 1800s.  Harvested from the cold, pristine waters of Netarts Bay on the Oregon Coast, their flake and kosher sea salts have garnered worldwide favor for their beautiful presentation + pure taste. Their salted caramels are addicting.

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